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Have you ever got frustrated in a massage parlor due to a hard bone? You must like to get a massage with a Hot Pattaya girl even you can have sex with her. You will find many erotic massage parlors in Thailand.

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Massage in Pattaya is famous around the globe. Walking streets, a glow of neon signboards in the club, bars, go-gos, massage parlors, and many more is the real identification of Pattaya.

There are numerous nightlife hubs with a different vibe and different allurements. You can even enjoy Ladyboy bars, Pattayaland, and Boystown with gay clubs. You can easily enjoy cabaret shows on the second road. But among them, you can’t forget to visit best sex Massage Parlors in Pattaya.

Massage Parlors in Pattaya

The easiest and safest place to have sex is the Pattaya massage center. If you know what you want in Pattaya then it is not that difficult to have sex with a beautiful lady.

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You can get a range of beauty as per your budget, which gives you the best sex massage in Pattaya. One beautiful girl you choose from any massage center took you upstairs for a short time, you can also get some beer at that time.

You feel ashamed of yourself when you ask for some extra in the wrong massage parlor. I will share with you the few locations of Pattaya best sex massage parlors where you not get embarrassed in front of the girl and get what you want.

Here is a location list of some of the best sex massage parlors in Pattaya.

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Soi Buakhao

Soi Buakhao is known as the biggest red light area in Pattaya. You can get countless massage parlors who ready to offering to sex, gogo bars, beer bars, blow job bars, and many more.

All in all, Soi Buakhao is heaven on earth for people looking for girls and massage. All-round this area you find many young and hot girls. You can say “walking pussy area” which mostly started as early as the afternoon to dawn.

Majorities of massage parlors offer you satisfying sex with your dream girl. Even you can see the beauty of girls because the majority of girls avoid wearing traditional massage dresses.

Soi Bukhao offers you not only massage parlor but also provides you best Cheapest Pattaya sex massage parlors.

Soi 13/2

This Street is also known as the post office. The only distance between Walking Street and Soi 13/2 is 500 meters. This street also connects with Beach road and Second road.

This area is your dream destination because all the shops on this road offer you only sex massages. The Majority of girls know only the native language. So it will become fun for girls to understand what you are talking to them about.

This street also offers you some money exchange services, food court, hotel room, and drinks.all you get in this street is just 300 meters.

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Soi 6 in Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is located in South Pattaya. If you do not like crowded areas then this is for you. Jomtien Beach is quiet where you find fewer people compared to other areas of Pattaya.

Here you get only 3 sex massage parlors in this street called ”Soi 6”. Among the three two are for men and one for ladyboys. Each shop contains 10 sexy girls of different ages, you can’t miss this opportunity to get some real gems.

Also, this place is well known only for nightlife massage.

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What kind of massages can you enjoy in Pattaya?

In every part of Pattaya, you get a different range in massages. Pattaya Massage Center offers you numerous kinds of massages that you ever heard of. From the Thai massage to Happy Ending massage, From oil massage to sex Massage everything is possible in Pattaya. This is the only region in Thailand filled with massage centers. Here are few most popular types of massage you must try.

1. Traditional Thai Massage
2. Oil Massage
3. Happy Ending Massage 4. Sex Message
5. Nuru Massage
6. Boom Boom Massage
7. Ladyboy Massage
8. Soapy Massage

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is like a authentic tradition massage which includes the stretching and some yoga postures. This massage is best when you come to Thailand after long flight and your body does not feel comfortable, you feel tired.

If you feel like so tried and lazy, just go to any Thai massage parlour near to your hotel or even lots of hotel have their own masseuse who can come to your room and give private massage session.

To know which massage parlour is good, just observe the place, see how many masseuses are sitting outside, how many customers are inside. This way you can know that this massage parlour will give you good service or not.

The price of fully body massage is around THB 300 for 90 min.

Oil Massage

The oil massage in Pattaya is more likely the massage therapy used in south India. In this massage the masseuse use the ayurvedic oil or some kind of worm oil and rub it on your body.

They will push some important points of your body. It will help you to release the tension in your body and release the pain. It is almost the same as Thai traditional massage but the use of oil.

The cost of 90 min Thai oil massage is around THB 350-400.

Happy Ending Massage

Happy ending massage is the most famous type of massage in Thailand. Most of the tourist who come pattaya for the first time, they have in their mind that to do list which they want to experience.

In this massage the masseuse will do the normal Thai massage, it will be same as any type, traditional Thai massage or oil massage. But at the end masseuse will ask you if you want something extra.

To get to that point, the masseuse will intentionally touch you more times in between your leg. Once she sees that you are getting excited, she will ask you if you need more of that.

Nuru massage

Nuru means slippery or smooth in Japanese. This nuru massage is an erotic massage type. In this massage one or more masseuse rub themselves to the customer using an orderless oil or some kind of gel.

The masseuse may get full nude while in this practice. Basically in this massage you will be taken to a room. The masseuse and you will take off the clothes, they will give one underwear to the client, post this they will take the client to shower to clean the body.

After this he will be taken to a rubber type air bed. The masseuse then applies the orderless oil or gel on her body and she will rub herself to the customer body.

Boom Boom Massage

Boom boom mean sex in Thailand. So you can understand by the name of the massage type, what happens in boom boom massage?

It is straight business. The masseuse is there for sex. They will not waste much time in any other activity. The session will depend on the customer strength how long he can manage.

Soapy Massage

This is an interesting topic. The soapy massage is one which so famous In all Thailand and majority of the tourist try it once at least. It is also suggested that if you want to have good time and safe sex then you should try soapy massage once.

I am sure once you try it you will love it and will try more times. There are lot many soapy massage parlours in Pattaya :

1. PP massage
2. Honey 1
3. Honey 2
4. Sabai Dee

First time in Massage parlor ?

If you are planning to try one for the first time then I suggest don’t pay any money to any taxi or cab. Just tell them you want to go to soapy massage. They will take you to the place free of cost. You don’t belive that ?? well yes its true.

The reason why the taxi driver don’t ask for taxi fare because once you enter the soapy massage premises, the cab driver get good commission which may be more than the taxi fare. So most of the taxi driver don’t ask for any money to drop you at the massage parlor.

Please note that the free ride is only one way, that is only while going to soapy massage , not while you coming back. So be sure to when the taxi driver ask you to pay to drop you at your hotel or your desired destination.

Once you enter into the premises you will be taken to big hall where you will see lot of girls sitting in different location in the room. The sitting is categoriesd in cost wise, less costly range, Mid range and then models.

So once you enter in the room you sit on the sofa and decide which girl you would like to go with. When you decide the manager of the place will announce the girl and she will come.

You will be directed to the billing area where you have to pay the fees for soapy massage. The girl you hired will take you to the massage room allocated for you.

The soapy massage is a normally a three step massage. In the first step girl will be you shower, she will clean your body properly, even your private part. I feel we should learn from them the way they clean the body.

In second step she will put gel soap and rub her body with your body, both you and the masseuse will be nude in this situation and she will rub her body up and down gently both side. One time face down side and then face up side.

If you are not finished by that time and manage to survive then in the third step you will be taken to the bed for the main business. Here she will do the best possible to make you happy and you can also take control at that time.

Once you are finished just give a good tip to her. Its not mandatory to pay a tip but its suggested that if you have good time then you should give some tip to the masseuse.

Nightlife in Pattaya

Every single tourist who visits Thailand was always like the Pattaya nightlife massage. The Night of Pattaya gets its reputation all across the world. You can get unforgettable fun in the party town.

There are many other viewpoints of its reputation which most deserve best, but one cannot deny that Pattaya is the best place for a rollicking good time. It doesn’t matter where you are, you see the entire region has some form of attractive nightlife.

The Majority of nightlife spots in Pattaya are not family-friendly. You will find a countless variety of massages around the city. Even you need not go far. You can easily get all kinds of venues at a very short distance

Why Pattaya Massage Parlor?

You can find many Indian faces here. The massage parlor in Pattaya always welcomes anyone around the world. Your dream of having a best sex massage parlors in Pattaya with the hottest, white-skinned, and the youngest girl will come true only in Pattaya.

Here you would find a girl who is eager to do your massage or dance with you. With the lowest price Massage parlor in Pattaya offers you protective, economic, sexy massages. All in all, Whether you are a teen, or young, or aged person.

Best sex massage Parlors in Pattaya fulfills all your Physical needs while relaxing your body.

So, what are you waiting for? Pattaya calling you!

Best Sex Massage Parlor in Pattaya FAQs

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