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If you are traveling for the first time in Thailand with Thailand Tour Packages and planning to fulfill your desire, Pattaya is one of the best cities in Thailand for sex tourism. Thailand has been one of the top destinations for sex tourism and Thai Girlfriend Experience for a very long time. However, prostitution is illegal in Thailand by law since 1960. It is estimated that more than 2,00,000 girls are working as a bar girls in Pattaya..

What is Bar Girls in Pattaya?

A bar girl is girl or woman prostitutes who are paid to entertain the guests in the bar either individually or as a performer. They usually work in Go-go bars and beer bars. A bar girl should not be confused with a waitress or barmaids as they only serve drinks to the guest and do not do any entertainment activities or dancing. Bargirl usually makes money by the lady’s drink/drinks bought by the customer; the price of the lady drink is different from the standard cost to guests. They are much higher than the regular price.

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So when you enter in the go-go bar or beer bar, the bar girls will come to you, if you like the company of her then you will be asked to buy the drinks for her, and if you want her, then you can take her along to your hotel or room by paying the bar fine to the bar. Bar girls are usually considered as safest to bring in your room.

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The history of prostitution in Thailand

Prostitution in Thailand has been very common in Thailand for decades. In ancient days during the Ayutthaya kingdom (1351–1767 ), prostitution was legal and used as an income source by levying the tax. The states ran the brothels. But the law was changed in 1960, and the prostitution has become illegal. Since the Vietnam war, Thailand has become popular among the traveler worldwide as the sex tourism destination.

Where to find Bar girls in Pattaya?

Bar girls are usually working as a dancer in Beer Bar, Go-go Bars, and some nightclubs; you can find these type of bar or clubs all over the Pattaya, the main hubs for beer bar are in Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi Bua Khao, and walking street. Some bar girls work as freelancers, and you can find them at some restaurants, and at the beach road in the night, you can also find them online.

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Types of Bar girls and places you can find them

Agogo bar girls in Pattaya

Agogo bar girls are bar girls who work in Gogo clubs, and they work as a dancer or as an entertainer for guests in the club. These girls are the most beautiful girls, among all. They are young girls below the age of 30. They look like hot models. If you like their company and want to take them to your hotel or room, you will have to pay the bar fine to the club’s mamasan. The bar fine differs as per the club and location in Pattaya. The bar fine usually in the range of THB 500- 2000, and you will also have to pay the Bargirl as per the time you want to spend, a short time or a long time.

Beer Bar girls in Pattaya

Beer bar girls are most likely similar to gogo bar girls, but they are cheaper then gogo bar girls. You can find them in small beer bars in soi 6, Soi7, and Soi 8. Beer bar girls don’t work as a dancer in the club, they usually come to you and ask you if they can sit with you and give you company. The charges of beer bar girls are most likely the same as Agogo bar girl. The lady drink in a Beer bar is cheaper compare to the Agogo bar.

Pattaya bar girl5
Freelancer Girls in Pattaya

Freelancers are those girls who are not working in any club, so you don’t have to pay for a lady drink or bar fine. Freelancer girls are usually found in night clubs, on the roads of walking street, and at the beach road. The best place to find them is the night club in walking street, like insomnia, Mixx discotheque, 808 club, and many more. A casual approach to girls in the night club is the best way to get the girl. The price of a freelancer at the night clubs starts at THB 1000 – 1500 for a short time and THB 2000- 4000 for a long time.

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The price depends on how you look, how you behave with the girl and your negotiation skill. A walk through the beach road can give you an idea about the freelancer, and you will find a lot of freelancers standing at the beach road. You can pick the girl from the beach road by approaching them and asking how long you want them to be with you. The price of a freelancer starts at 500 -1000 for a short time, and for a long time, it starts from THB 1500 – 2000.

Russian bar Girls in Pattaya

The Russian girls are like the premium girls in Pattaya, and they look like angels from heaven. They are most popular among rich Arab guys and Indians. These bar girls are found in Russian night clubs on walking street. You can also find some Russian freelancers on the beach road. The Russian girls at the Night clubs are way more expensive than any other bar girl in Pattaya. The price of a Russian girl for a short time starts at 3000- 5000, and for a long time, the price starts at 6000- 10000. The experience with a Russian girl is defiantly a next-level experience.

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What is a Short time means in Pattaya?

Short time means that you will spend 2- 4 hours with the girls, and it means that you will have only one-time sex with the girl. In a short time, once your time is over with the girl, then she will come back to the bar and entertain other guests. The price of short time range in THB 1000 – 1500.

Bar Girsl in Pattaya3

What is a long time means in Pattaya?

Long time term used when you want the girl to spend more time with you, like a full night or even 24 hours. The count of sex depends on the girl. The price of a Longtime range in THB 2000 – 4000. there is no set price for a long time; the price depends on your negotiation skill and looks.

Bar Girsl in Pattaya4

Things to avoid while taking a girl to your room

When you take a girl from a Beer bar or gogo bar, they are more likely the safest one. They are medically tested by the owner or the manager of the club. These girls have to get tested every month to maintain hygiene and safety. Whereas the freelancer and online dating girls do not do regular health checkups, and you never know if they have any problem with them or not.
So if you are taking a girl to your room, you need to avoid following things:

  • Always use protection while having sex with girls. By doing unprotected sex, you may get the STD or any other disease from the girl unknowingly, which will cost you more than the cost of a condom pack, so it is advisable to use the protection.

  • Never pay the money in advance. When you take the girl to your room, some girl may ask you to pay them upfront. They will try to melt your heart by their so-called sob stories, like mother treatment or brother is ill, or children are hungry, etc. If you pay them upfront, then you might not get the experience you expected. Because they have the money and they will try to speed up the thing, they will give you some excuse to leave early. You can’t do anything for that.

  • Always keep your expensive belongings in the safe box. Whether you take a bar girl or freelancer, it is advised that you always keep your money and expensive things in the safety box.